Deconstructing Racist Processes of Social Discrimination Through Education

Rodrigo Zárate Moedano


Abstract: Abstract: This article describes a participatory process of research and education with an ethnographic approach. The research was conducted with undergraduate students of various educational areas, from diverse ethnic and geographical origins, sexual orientations and socioeconomic levels, in the main campus of Universidad Veracruzana, a Mexican public university. Based on the concepts of social imaginary, identity and social discrimination, this article analyzes the symbolic framework that justifies inequalities within the nation, and how it operates. Through an educational program that interweaves popular education, with critical approaches to intercultural education and media education, students analyze representations of “indigenous”, “white people”, “black” and “Mexican” subjects, contrasting their differences and making inequities visible. Data collection was conducted through focus groups, in-depth interviews, participant observation and life stories, to analyze how the students’ imaginary structures their identity construction processes. Key words: social imaginary, identity, racism, intercultural education, media education.

Palabras clave

social imaginary, identity, racism, intercultural education, media education

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