The Zócalos of the municipality of Guatapé, Colombia: a didactic element in the teaching of social science

Luz Mery Ayala Andica


Any element used in a pedagogical work is important as long as it points towards innovation and improvement for educational practices, as well as the motivation of children and young people for their academic formation. The proposal intends to show the scope of the pedagogical experience with the secondary and middle school students of the “Nuestra Señora del Pilar” Educational Institution of the municipality of Guatapé - Colombia, which has tried to use a representative element of its culture: the zócalo, as a didactic tool and its contribution in the teaching of the social sciences applied in each of its disciplines, at the same time, where learning is motivated and generates, in the students, an interest in the investigative thought.

Palabras clave

social sciences, sockets, educational practice, teaching, learning, oral history.

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